Hi everyone! After almost 2 years , I am alive again and will continue writing! I hope you could all support my comeback even though i’m still a small-time blogger.

My Dark Mind

And once again Darkness in my head The light was clouded I was stuck to my bed A burning sensation Thoughts keep on Like a bubble I wish to be gone Like a fly Caught in a trap There is no escaping This endless mishap My dark mind A call to all I kept screaming…

100 Followers! Yay!

A Month and 12 days ago, I had a sudden urge of wanting to make my own blog, to find a channel to maybe let my feelings and thoughts out through writing. I then looked up what blog sites I should use, then I landed on WordPress. I wanted to make a blog for people…

My OFW father

To the person who wasn’t physically there but supportive by heart.